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Contact us for equipment related questions or bookings at [email protected] or 613-828-0505 x303
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Camera Support / Dollies / Jib / Slider
  • Glidecam V20 Steadicam
    • Low Mode for V20
    • Vehicle Mount for V20
  • Kessler Cineslider with All Terrain Legs
    • Includes Kessler 100mm High Hat & 100mm t0 75mm Bowl Adapter
  • O’Connor 2060HD Ultimate Head (150mm)
    • Includes 12 inch Arri Standard Wooden Camera Dovetail
    • Also includes O’Connor Quick Plate
  • 150 mm High Hat with Board
  • ColorTran HCD Crab Dolly (Studio)
  • Custom Cinemount 3 Point Car Mount
  • Glidecam Camcrane 200 (Jib) with 350MVB Tripod and Counterweights
  • Kessler K-Pod with Hercules 2.0 Head
  • Kessler Oracle Control System (Motion Control)
  • Manfrotto 055XB Tripod with 501 Head
  • Manfrotto 143 Magic Arm
  • Manfrotto 350MVB Tripod with 526 Head (100mm)
  • Manfrotto 529B 100mm Hi-Hat with Board
  • Manfrotto 680B Compact Monopod
  • Mitchell to 100mm Adapter
  • Mitchell to 150mm Adapter
  • Ronford Baker Standard Tripod (150mm)
  • Skateboard Dolly with 6′ or 9′ Straight PVC Track
  • Wooden Camera Shoulder Rig

Contact us for equipment and studio related questions or bookings at [email protected] or 613-828-0505 x303