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Contact us for equipment related questions or bookings at [email protected] or 613-828-0505 x303
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RED Camera Accessories/ Add Ons (R1/ SCARLET-X/ EPIC)
  • Element Technica RED ONE raincover w/ 9″ extension, EVF and LCD cover
  • REDMAG 1.8″ SSD 64GB
  • RED 16GB CF Card (for RED ONE)
  • RED BOMB EVF w/ Element Technica EVF Mount, 2ft EVF Cable
  • RED EVF (Original) w/ 5″ RED Arm, 2ft EVF Cable
  • RED Focus (Self Powered diascope for PL backfocus/ flange distance)
  • RED Mini REDMAG 1.8″ Reader (USB 3.0, Firewire 800)
  • RED PRO LCD 7″ w/ 2ft LCD Cable, Hoodman HR-7 Hood
  • RED ROCKET (with or without MAXX Mobile Rocket Enclosure
  • RED Station Base
  • RED Station Compact Flash Reader (Esata, Firewire 800, USB 2.0)
  • RED Station REDMAG 1.8″ Reader (Esata, Firewire 800, USB 2.0)
  • RED TOUCH 5″ LCD w/12″ LCD Cable
Camera Accessories / Add-ons
  • Arri FF4 Follow Focus (19mm Rail Mount or 15mm Lightweight) with
    • Arri Right Hand Knob Extension, Arri Crank, Arri 13.5″ Flexible Focus Whip, 43 & 64 tooth m0,8 gears
  • Arri MB20 II Mattebox (19mm Rail Mount) with:
    • 3-stage filter assembly
    • (2) 5.65 Combo Filter Frames
    • Swing Away Module Console for LWS
    • 138mm Bellows Adapter
    • 19mm Bridgeplate Adapter
    • 138mm to 114mm Bellows Ring
    • Top Flag
    • Side Flag Set
  • 8GB CF Card
  • 8GB SD Card
  • 15mm Studio Lens Support Bracket
  • 16GB SD Card
  • 32GB CF Card
  • 32GB SD Card (Micro SD wth SD Adapter)
  • Anton Bauer Dionic HC/ 90 Battery
  • Anton Bauer PowerTap 28
  • Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi
  • Anton Bauer T2 Charger
  • ASL 19mm to 15mm Bushings
  • Noga Arm with Shoe Mount Adapter
  • Panasonic 8GB P2 Card
  • Panasonic 16GB P2 Card
  • Panasonic 32GB P2 Card
  • Redrock Micro Follow Focus V2 (19mm & 15mm LW Rail Mount)
  • Redrock Micro 15mm LW Rail System with 18″ Rods
  • RED V-Lock Charger
  • RED V-Lock Brick
  • Sekonic 758Cine Light Meter

Contact us for equipment and studio related questions or bookings at [email protected] or 613-828-0505 x303